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Apricot desserts
Apricot Goodness! Tart and sorbet made with backyard apricots in the 650.

The idea for 650Food has been percolating for awhile. Writing and food are two of my true loves, and I’m especially passionate about local food systems. Eating seasonally and purchasing locally produced food is something I’ve done for many years. It’s a great way to support the local economy and to strengthen ties to your community.

So, what does “local food” mean, exactly? While there’s no absolute definition, generally it means food produced within two hours’ driving distance and/or 100 miles of where you live. In the San Francisco Bay area (where I live) you don’t need to drive more than 45 minutes to find a local farm. Locally owned restaurants, food shops, and artisan food businesses can be found in every neighborhood.

While San Francisco is definitely a hub for all things food in the Bay Area, I realized that there’s plenty going on right in my own neighborhood — not to mention within 10 miles in every direction. And that’s where the “650” part of 650Food comes in: 650 is the area code for the Bay Area’s mid-peninsula cities. It’s where I live; it’s my community. The 650 covers some diverse neighborhoods, from the bay to the coast, and from Mountain View in the south to Daly City in the north. So while there are a variety of takes on local food, this is my version.

I’ve been fortunate to have some unforgettable fine-dining experiences around the world. But I’ve been equally inspired by experiences right here at home: dinners at family-owned restaurants, the community of farmers’ markets, and bounty of what grows in our own backyards. 650Food is about sharing the love of handmade and locally produced food. It’s also about exploring local food events and issues in this corner of the world. It is, overall, about the community of food where I live.

I’m also hoping that what I bring to 650Food will be a starting point for conversations about local food wherever you are: whether that’s in the Bay Area or beyond. I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences, as much as I am looking forward to hearing about yours. (Want to comment? Clicky on the “Leave a Comment” link at the top of the post.)

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