Waste-Less Wednesday: Preserved Lemons

Layering lemons, salt, and spices

Last December, during one of my it's-the-holidays-so-I'm-indulging excursions to Whole Foods, I spied containers of preserved lemons. Nothin' fancy, just small, whole Eureka lemons, juice, salt, and citric acid in plastic deli containers. I'll admit it was a total impulse buy. Preserved lemons weren't even on my radar, but eh, it was the holidays, after … Continue reading Waste-Less Wednesday: Preserved Lemons

Bristol Bay Salmon: One Thing Leads to Another

Salmon. It's what's for dinner. And lunch. And well, even breakfast. From Safeway to Whole Foods to the local farmer's market, you can find beautiful, fresh fillets or thick steaks of this healthful, tasty fish in hues ranging from bright orange to almost-red. While salmon is versatile -- it holds up well to most cooking methods … Continue reading Bristol Bay Salmon: One Thing Leads to Another