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SAVEUR Magazine is taking open nominations for its BEST BLOG AWARDS 2015, and 650Food has thrown our virtual hat into the ring! Please show some love and support for 650Food with a nomination for “Best Special Interest Blog” by clicking on over to Saveur’s site and completing the nomination form.

If you think that we’re a good fit for other categories — Photography, Writing, or Cocktails — please feel free to check those boxes as well! You can nominate us for as many categories as you like. Nominations CLOSE on Friday, March 13, so don’t wait! Filling out the nomination form shouldn’t take more than a minute, there’s nothing to buy, and no mailing list to sign up for! All you’ll need to know is the URL for this blog (that would be and the nomination categories. Curious about the Saveur Blog Awards? Check out their FAQ for deets.

650Food, which started out as a small project to combine a passion for sharing food stories and supporting the community of food where I live, has grown into so much more — thanks to YOUR support and readership! As a writer and cook, it’s an opportunity for me to share what I know and love, a way to connect with my community and — through the wonders of the interwebs — a way to connect with the community of food lovers worldwide. How cool is that?!

Thanks so much for reading and supporting this adventure with likes, comments, and shares; there’s so much more to come! (And, if you’re so inclined, please share this post with food-loving friends.)heart-marshmallow

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