Waste-Less Wednesday: Waste Free Kitchen Handbook Review

A compendium of information for wasting less

Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season in the US this week, and for many of us that means the start of the eating season. Thanksgiving dinners this week will give way to December's holiday parties, cookie exchanges, dinners out, and family gatherings. We'll cook lots, eat lots, and yes, waste lots, too. Who hasn't prepared a holiday … Continue reading Waste-Less Wednesday: Waste Free Kitchen Handbook Review

Waste-Less Wednesday: The Other Broccoli

Beautiful, fresh broccoli

Broccoli is a staple in my house. Exciting? No. Reliable? Yes. When I'm too tired or uninspired to cook (yes, it happens sometimes), steamed broccoli is my standby. Seven minutes from refrigerator to table. No kidding. Broccoli is a substantial partner to quick-cooking brown rice or 4-minute soba noodles. Throw in some homemade peanut sauce … Continue reading Waste-Less Wednesday: The Other Broccoli

Wasteless Wednesday: Blood Orange-Rosemary Marmalade

Mmmmm, marmalade

March was full of activity Chez 650Food, and things have been busy, busy around here -- lest you think I was taking a hiatus and had run off to some tropical beach. (sigh. I wish.). Following home reno projects, spring cleaning, and a trip to our nation's capital for the International Association of Culinary Professionals … Continue reading Wasteless Wednesday: Blood Orange-Rosemary Marmalade